I’m a mom of two boys and work full-time.  To make it busier, I work full-time behind a computer on the Westside of town (UCLA)—so I also sit through a ton of traffic.  So needless to say, I don’t have a whole lot of time for myself, but Bars & Burn has become my nonnegotiable “me-time.”  It is the one thing in my life that gets me up, moving and sweating.


I’ve always struggled with consistent visits to the gym, but that has changed. I’ve been with Bars & Burn for about a year now, and this place has become more than a gym.  It has become my community of moms & dads just like me.  We come to sweat, burn calories, de-stress and have fun…and it is always fun!  I can’t say enough about going to work out and seeing the same faces and friends week after week.  The owners and coaches are also amazing—they push you with the love and care each individual needs. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I have grown stronger and more confident.  I am very grateful for a place that I call my gym-home.


Lynn Kim-John, Ed.D.


Director of Science Programs




In December, I was weighing in at 220lbs and was looking at jumping up a size pants from 36 to 38. For a guy who spent most of his life hovering just under 200lbs and a 33 inch waste, this was a pretty defeating prospect.


I was invited to try a workout at Bars & Burn by a friend of mine.  I was at first skeptical... After all, I had been lifting off and on for over 20 years and I was still packing on the pounds. I managed to survive my first workout and so I gave myself 30 days of really dedicated workouts to see if this could work for me. Over the course of 6 months, I lost 30 lbs and my stamina, endurance and core health has skyrocketed. I've also found myself back in a 33 inch waist and I now really enjoy the prospect of buying clothes for myself.

It's no doubt the increased activity is the reason for the bulk of my success, but there's more to it than just exercise. The staff (Britt in particular) has been helpful in ways that are hard to quantify. Being in a group setting help me to get beyond the mental barriers I often set up for myself. It's easy for me to decide before I begin, that I'll never be able to do a particular thing or lift a certain amount of weight. The staff and members are encouraging and supportive and will kick me in my butt to help me see that often I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to setting goals. I've passed weight and distance benchmarks I used to think we're impossible. For someone who couldn't run a single block when I began this transformation, I'm beginning to entertain the idea of my first 5k.


Nutrition has also been a huge part of the puzzle. Again, with staff help, I've learned to eat healthier, without sacrificing my culinary enjoyment. I've participated in group eating challenges and cleanses that I would not have done in any other setting.  All of this is to say, I owe my success to the group and to dedication they've helped me develop toward my health.


I cannot recommend Bars and Burn enough. It has helped me to regain my health but mostly it's helped me to rediscover my pride: pride in my looks, pride in my work ethic and pride in being a part of something bigger than myself.


Scott Bloom

Member since December 2015




All my life I hated exercise and honestly never had the time for it: full time job, part time school, mom, wife and many other excuses that seemed ok at the time.  I quit several times before even starting any form of fitness until the stress of daily life turned into migraines, exhaustion, pains, lack of energy, mood swings and many other negative aspects of my usually positive personality. My husband having exercised all his life has been asking me for years to work out with him but never did we find a place where both of our needs would be fulfilled and equally challenged.


We went from not really knowing what Bars & Burn was, to NOT able to live without it! It’s great! We alternate kid’s schedules to ensure each one of us makes it to the gym at least 3-4 times and as a bonus we try to squeeze in Saturday or Sunday class together. I now totally ditched the scale and love every minute of it. I don’t measure success in pounds anymore but rather in the way my clothes fit. I went from size 10 to 6 in just under 5 month with some healthy modifications to my diet. The migraines decreased by 80%, energy level is up, attitude is back in play but most of all it’s something my husband and I do together. Bars & Burn is our thing!


One of the most important reasons we keep coming back is people! Cat & Mando are a great team and have brought so much more than just exercise! They care and challenge all of us every step of the way. The individual attention, understanding all of our needs and simply caring about health, teamwork and reality of daily life makes them comprehensive fitness experts. We love the exclusivity of small classes and the variety of times/sessions offered. The coaches are amazing, every single one of them! At the end of the day, it’s not just exercise for us anymore, it’s coming to the gym to see our friends, work our butts off, have fun and walk away feeling much better about having to do that one thing for ourselves. We are Bless to have found this place!


Marianna Kmbikyan, MBA




In April of this year, a good friend gave me a  2 week pass for Bars & Burns (formerly Array.) I was hooked after the first week! The coaches and members were friendly and inspiring. For the first time I was lifting weights and participating in group workouts. In the last 7 months I’ve trimmed down, built muscle, increased my strength and gained an awesome weekly routine. At 52 almost, these workouts have helped me stay not only physically fit but mentally fit as well. If you are looking for a neighborhood gym that offers burn workouts, boxing workouts and bar workouts, among other things, Bars & Burns is for you.



Also, after 6 weeks of a nutrition challenge which included a diet of raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and butcher bought meat, chicken and fish I found that it was so much fun and exciting to create daily healthy meals. I never knew that I loved hummus, coconut products and almond milk in to addition to unsweetened cranberry juice with apple cider vinegar. I never knew the benefits from daily use of apple cider vinegar. I really followed this regime 90% of the time and will keep close to this way of eating as I feel so much better mentally and physically. I did loose about 15 pounds which was not my goal in the beginning. My goal was to follow a healthier lifestyle.


Todd Parril


(818) 551-9348

1405 West Kenneth Road

Glendale CA, 91201